LOVE! 💜💙

My beginner yoga bag quickly became way to small to hold my stuff, but this one is perfection, with room to grow. Best bag ever.

Teach March 15, 2023

Great for all your yoga needs,

I can fit my bolster, yoga blanket and blocks inside I have to carry my yoga mat on top between the zipper and handles which is fine.

Aflo March 11, 2023

Love this bag

This bag is awesome. It’s lightweight and holds all my stuff. I can put large bolster, 3 blocks , mat, knee pad and small oblong pillow in it and still zip it

Lyn March 8, 2023

I will give it all 5's if the zippers last for a long time!!!

The size is GREAT and the construction seems to be very good. I am just a little worried about the zippers lasting but they are working well now. The extra zippered pockets add a lot of useful and safe storage.

Anita Koch February 26, 2023

The best

Absolutely love it. Fits everything unlimited space. So strong so light! Washable Best purchase

Nonna February 23, 2023

Perfect so far

Just received it, so I don’t yet know how it will wear. I do know that this is the first bag I have found that fits ALL of the stuff I need.

Lois Tobin February 22, 2023

Super big bag

All of my yoga props fit inside

Kathy Garcia February 19, 2023


I recently started a qigong class that requires a yoga mat, sitting cushion, and blanket. For the first few weeks, I awkwardly carries multiple bags in a haphazard way that caused back and shoulder pain. I started looking for totes big enough for everything I needed. I even tried to make one with my very basic sewing skills. After breaking the needle and making a tote that fit everything, but still was painful to carry — I found this bag. — It fits my bulky yoga mat, cushion, blanket, shoes, water bottle, wallet, keys, et al. with room to spare. — It is not painful to carry. The straps are wide and the bag feels nearly effortless to carry. If I improved anything, it would be — Zipper that goes all the way across and closes on each side. — Fabric seems durable enough, but I think that wear and tear will probably be what takes this thing down just by holding such heavy objects all the time. Looking forward to seeing how long it lasts though!

Monica Wylld February 15, 2023

Love it

Bag is large yet folds up easily. Holds blocks 24” wide mat, large blanket and water easily. Outside pockets are convenient.

Nancy Reich February 13, 2023

Great Bag

This bag is huge! I am able to fit my mat, bolster, blanket, knee pads and blocks. I still have room for my wallet and a bottle of water. I definitely recommend this bag.

Holly B. Wells February 10, 2023


This bag is perfect. It can take a moment to strap your mat into the Velcro at the bottom of the bag—but once you take a moment to do it, you realize how thoughtful this bag is. With the mat firmly in place centered, you can easily toss in your water bottle, blocks, and whatever else. It has loads of small pockets and it’s soft enough to squish into a cubby at your yoga studio during practice. I sort of can’t believe I’m the only person in my studio with this bag, it makes carrying everything functional and look cool.

Flacindy January 27, 2023

I needed one to carry all my yoga and exercise equipment

I just received this bag today and love it. It holds all of my yoga and exercise equipment. Holds my mat, blocks, stretching bands, yoga socks, yoga blanket, personal stuff and plenty of pockets on the outside with zippers. It's perfect and I love it

Glenda J Rooney January 19, 2023

Love this yoga bag

I’ve used this tote (bag) for a few months now and it is fantastic. I can actually fit my extra large yoga mat, 2 blocks, 2 yoga blankets, my huge purse and at times have had to bring another regular yoga mat. With all that said, it still not that bad to carry! Thanks for making my like a lot less stressful!

Dod December 30, 2022


I’ve been teaching yoga for 20 years. I can’t believe it took this long to find a perfect bag. I realized I needed something to carry 2 mats because my mom stayed with me for some time and she went to all my classes while visiting, and I wanted to carry both our mats. This fit the bill. And it fit some props along with it. Now I use it for my mat, ektar, and/or yoga plank when needed. I love the pockets which I haven’t even used much, but I love that they’re there. I did wish the color combos were more bold and vibrant when i was initially deciding. I got neutral blue and gray. It’s nice. I’m happy overall.

Cazadorestetica November 11, 2022

High quality

Wow. I was amazed by the quality of this product. Hidden zippers but with tab easily accessible. Soft canvas, not hard and scratchy. Plenty of room with Velcro straps to secure your mat. Bottle pocket for tall thin bottle. Perfect. Great colors. Keep in mind it's not a heavy duffel. Just right for what it was made for.

Roberta A. Maberry November 9, 2022

Great yoga carrier

Perfect size

Mary J. Gruca October 31, 2022

Big and sturdy

I love this bag. It holds my yoga mat, bolster, and anything else I need: sweat towel, extra clothes, shoes, anything

Jen October 24, 2022

Super sized!

This is great to carry all you yoga equipment plus a bolster! I love it

Marti S October 24, 2022

Roomy bag

Lots of room and pockets for all of my gear and props


Roomy bag

Lots of room and pockets for all of my gear and props

Tango Gold October 19, 2022

Great Bag

I absolutely love this bag. I can get so much in it.

Pamela Maragh October 13, 2022

I recommend for larger yoga mats.

folds up small when empty

Carol October 8, 2022

Large enough for what I needed

I was cautiously optimistic when I ordered this bag, but it did manage to fit my bolster, blocks, strap and small towel. I can’t ask for anything more.

Anonymus September 25, 2022

Great bag

I needed a large bag to carry my workout stuff for HOTWORX, this bag is working out perfectly for me, and it looks like it’s well-made

Charlie S September 24, 2022

Perfect for me

Love it

cheryl September 20, 2022

Fits tons of blocks

As the yoga teacher I often teach outside I need to bring blocks and blankets and all the goodies with me. This is perfect it fits lots of blocks easily, and has a great strap to carry it all, only wish there was better color options.

Kristina September 18, 2022

Als Yoga Tasche gekauft und inzwischen als Allrounder, wenn ich übers Wochenende wegfahre immer dabei. Tolle Qualität, die Träger sind angenehm und rutschen auch mit mehr Inhalt nicht. Wie die Tasche nach der ersten Wäsche aussieht weiß ich noch nicht, aber bis jetzt bin ich rundum zufrieden!

HimmlischeHexe September 17, 2022

I've had two yoga bags already and, although I liked elements of each, they didn't quite cut the mustard. My first bag only had room for a mat and one brick. My second one by Yoga Mad had room for my mat, blanket, two bricks, block and strap, buuuut it was a bit of a tight squeeze for my wider-than-normal mat and I always worried I'd burst the zip. So I started searching for a 'large yoga bag' and this beauty came up! When I read it could hold everything I listed above PLUS A BOLSTER and a water bottle, I couldn't quite believe it, but it's absolutely TRUE (other reviewers who say it doesn't must be totally inept bag-packers is all I can say!) This bag is really well thought out. The three external zipped pockets are ideal for me to put a packet of tissues in, my keys, my facecloth and my cloth shopping bag in case I need to swing into Tesco on the way home from yoga. Good quality canvas and zips are fine, too, so absolutely no complaints here. I think if I had one wish for an improvement, it would be for the bag to be lined, which it isn't. But then, my Yoga Mad bag was unlined with loads of loose threads, sooo I'm tempted to say this is THE yoga bag of all yoga bags so far. It'll certainly be a hard act to follow. Thoroughly recommended!

The Buying Scotswoman September 15, 2022

Fit and price pays off

Amazon-Kunde September 7, 2022

Everything I Wanted!!!

I shopped yoga totes for ages before finally landing on this one. I had pretty specific wants and this ticks all the boxes. Tons of space inside! This bag is long enough that don’t have to wrestle my mat into place. I have several mats of different widths and I can fit several of them in here easily, as well as towels, blocks, etc. I have a cork mat that’s prone to unrolling, so the Velcro straps sewn at the bottom of the bag are simply marvelous. Zippers, pockets, and overall bag material are well constructed and strong. I’m thrilled with this purchase.

Anjelica September 6, 2022

In die Tasche passen perfekt eine Yogamatte, ein Bolster und noch Blöcke. Super praktisch und sieht auch schön bunt aus!

Elvis080135 September 1, 2022

The best yoga bag !

I tried many yoga bags in the past, until I came across this one !!! I have Manduka large size heavy duty yoga mat, and it fits in perfectly, with the towels for hot yoga , blocks, water and my wallet , and still there is plenty room left !!! It’s beautiful , light and washable. Great product 🙏

Amazon Customer August 28, 2022

Cabe tapete, bolster, blocks , y cobija

Eleonora Nuricumbo August 11, 2022

Es muy muy espaciosa, pude acomodar el mat, un cojín, los bloques, una cobija y la mitra. La tela es muy resistente, las asas son cómodas al momento de trasladar la bolsa, los cierres son suaves y resistentes. Las bolsas adicionales son también muy espaciosas, me ha encantado.

Jess June 22, 2022

This is a great yoga bag. Fits my bolster cushion, mat, blanket, cushion, pillow, strap, etc. Very comfortable to carry and such a nice colour. Have received several compliments and inquiries as to where I purchased it. I highly recommend this beautiful bag.

AnnMarie Crimmins June 10, 2022

Love this bag - can fit everything in it I need for my yoga, pilates or exercise classes and it's been much admired. Definitely lives up to expectations - it's great size, well made and looks stylish so ticks all the boxes.

Mrs K Coleman June 1, 2022

Big enough for everything.

It holds all my yoga stuff, which is a lot. It is lightweight with a big zipper, has a water bottle holder on the inside which is great, and three pockets on the outside for car keys, id, etc.

DHshopper May 28, 2022

Love this bag , it’s good quality and has nice features I can even fit in my water aerobic workout items for swimming rehab for hydrotherapy physio

Carmen May 16, 2022

Needed a large yoga bag and this fits the bill perfectly. Holds my Yoga mat, 2 blocks, 2bricks, a strap a bolster cushion and my water bottle.

Alfie stott May 4, 2022

I ue this for all my yoga bits, mat, blocks, straps, blanket , and there's still room for a little more.

MRS D A MITCHELL April 18, 2022

Exactly as described!

Comfortable on your shoulder and yes, all your yoga gear will easily fit in it. No struggles. Nice colors and love the extra pockets on the outside. No disappointments!

Jeanie April 16, 2022

It Works!

Love this bag. It holds all my yoga stuff and I think I could even add a bolster. Keep in mind it is very large but it has to be.

wes923 April 14, 2022

Love this bag!

Lots of room for all my yoga essentials…blocks, blankets, mat, etc and a little extra room too! Nice wide straps are comfortable on my shoulder no matter how much stuff I pack in there!

L. Lawley April 5, 2022

Love this bag

Love the colors, we’ll made, sturdy. I can fit large yoga mat, large towel, my yoga gear an bottled water

FLORIDA Girl March 28, 2022

Fits my mat and blanket and ease in carrying.

Like the quality and design, the way the mat and accessories fit in the bag. And that helps distribute the weight when carrying the bag. Great job!

Charles J Wilder March 25, 2022


Fits bolster, yoga mat and strap… perfect! Most yoga bags not large enough for bolster.

J. Fitzgerald March 15, 2022

Better that expected!

This bag was the answer to a year long search for the right bag to fit my extra thick yoga mat with blocks & other miscellaneous items. Truly impressed with the quality of the materials, especially the zipper! Thank you JoYnWell, this is a superior product that I’ve already shown my class and recommend over and over.

CD Schenk March 8, 2022

J'ai acheté ce sac pour une amie. Elle est très satisfaite. Excellente qualité et bon format.

Robert Rainville March 7, 2022

First impression: It's huge, love it!

I love it! It's real canvas, well made, beautiful colors and patterns. Big to organize and hold my yoga equipment or anything else I want to use it for. I'm happy!!

Tina Yeadon March 6, 2022

Huge Bag

This canvas bag was just what I was looking for! It’s big enough to hold my yoga mat, bolster, 2 blocks and still have room. Really like the zipper pockets on the outside and the water bottle holder on the inside. Very pleased thus far!

Ashley P. March 1, 2022

It's great!

It's made very well. And I love all the zipper pockets.

kimberlee s. February 22, 2022

Big but not Big

What a great bag! It’s big but it don’t look or feel big when you carry it. I love the pockets on it. I’m happy I can get my mat and others things I need all in one bag.

Debbie Newby February 20, 2022

La bolsa es de excelente tamaño, caben mil cosas y eso es algo q me gusta, la chamarra, el bote de agua,las llaves del carro, y más.. ademas que si material parece resistente y es súper compacta cabe en el casillero sin problema.

Patricia Viera February 17, 2022

The only issue is they sent me the wrong colour and honestly I don't care! This bag holds my mat, my bolster, my two mini bolsters, two regular blocks, flat block, strap, two blankets AND my water bottle, with outer pockets for my keys and wallet. Do I need all of that every time? No. But going to restorative yoga is now so much better and easier! I recommend highly!

Petra February 16, 2022

Perfect Oversized Bag.

This bag is large enough to hold my yoga mats, blocks, blanket, straps and towel. It’s durable, comfortable enough to carry on my shoulders.

DJ Rod January 28, 2022

pour le transport de l'équipement de yoga

Sylvie Mathieu January 20, 2022


Only just received but it looks good. I am able to fit mat, bolster, blocks and strap and there is plenty of room to spare.

AK January 11, 2022

Super recomendada yo buscaba algo así de útil, resistente y seguro. Con cierres de fácil acceso. Si cargas muchas cosas para dar clases o realizar tu práctica es para ti. Muy buen espacio. Y las bolsas exteriores super útiles. 👍‼️

Karina M. January 6, 2022

it was a gift and she loves it

barry Pina January 1, 2022

Sac très robuste, belle apparence, beaucoup d'espace de rangement. Très content de mon achat, je le recommande.

Stephane Grimard December 13, 2021

Yoga Bag with Zipper

Super sturdy, love the zipper and extra pockets :)

Dia Wikner December 10, 2021

I love my yoga bag!

Holds everything needed for all the classes I take. It's big, but I love it!!!

Rachel December 8, 2021

Won't fit bolster.😒

PROS:Color, sturdiness, comfortable to carry. All good. CONS: Won't fit bolster which was my purpose for buying such a lage bag.

Susan November 16, 2021

A really capacious yoga bag!

Finally a bag big enough for my oversize mat, two blocks, my blanket, my custom knee brace, and random other accessories! It's somewhat heavy when all that stuff is in it, but that's not the bag's fault... it's light before I load it up with all the stuff I need to teach yoga class! I really like this bag!

MT November 8, 2021

This truly holds everything. Two full size blocks, mat, towel, full size bolster and still room for water bottle etc. Looks great, works great. Love it

bmacnec November 5, 2021

Carry both mats, 2 blankets and 2 blocks love it

Love it

Carol Oehrigwilcox October 28, 2021

Just as described…

Just as described

Reviewing Customer October 12, 2021

This yoga bag fits all of my stuff.

This bag holds my yoga mat my towel that goes on top of my yoga mat, a foam roller, my shower towel, my different tension bands for the gym. Extra clothes and shower stuff. I like the fact that you can easily take this bag and throw it in the wash if necessary. The strap to carry it over the shoulder is also very comfortable. The only reason I don’t give this five stars is I wish it had a little bit of some sort of support around the edges to give it a little more structure so when you do unzip it and open it it doesn’t just become a big open sack that things can easily fall out of. Otherwise it is a great purchase and if this one were to wear out I would go buy another one exactly like it.

Kristen October 6, 2021

The bag easily fits my bolster, 2 blocks, yoga mat, a blanket and water bottle. The two zippered pockets on the outside are great for keys etc. When there are no items in the bag it folds up nicely as it’s made of soft material (not hard wall) and then holds its form nicely when packed with items. Recommended!

Brenda Hansen September 29, 2021

I have a one inch thick mat because of my joints. I couldn't find a bag that would fit it until this one. And you can put in a towel, your water, etc. Its great.

Michelle September 28, 2021

During COVID my studio reduced the number of available props so I added a bolster and chip foam block to my prop collection. This made carrying my props to class chaotic so I purchased this bag. I wish I had bought my own props and bag sooner. This bag is huge and fits everything! And it came in the shorter estimated time of 15 days. The bag is made of durable cloth and the zipper closure gives some structure and security. The straps are a good thickness so they don't dig into your shoulder when the bag gets heavy. I can fit 3 foam blocks, 1 chip foam block, 1 round bolster and my huge super thick manduka pro mat in the big zip. In the 2 smaller outside zip pockets I can fit a strap and cloth. The front zip fits a towel, mat spray and phone. Then each side of the big zip has elastic pouches to hold keys/ phone/ water bottle etc. With this bag fully loaded I've even stopped at a market and found places to store fruit! The only downside I've found is you can fill this bag so full you can look a bit ridiculous carrying it.

Rosemarie Horne September 25, 2021

If fits the 2” big kindermat and it still have space for a blanket. I love it!

Dog lover September 12, 2021

This bag is perfect. It fits my bolster, my thick yoga matt, two blocks, towel, and spray with no issues! Wish they had more color options thats all

FL Baker August 24, 2021

Since I have a special bag for my mat, I am able to put in this duffel bag EVERYTHING I need or maybe need for my classes. Water bottle, car keys, wallet, phone and kneepads, blankets, blocks etc. The bag is lightweigted, so whatever I pack goes in, the limit is what weight I can handle. Outside pockets, its just amazing.

bhz August 22, 2021

This is a nice bag, but there really isn't as much room as I was hoping for my bolster, mat, and blocks. Things stick out no matter how I play tetras with my gear. Can't speak to durability as I've only had it a week.

Meowmeow August 12, 2021

I was looking for a bag that could hold my yoga mat, long bolster, blanket, blocks etc snd thought it was a big ask. This bag does this plus has zip pockets for my phone, keys etc and a pocket for my water bottle. The material, stitching and zips appear to be good quality. It has straps to hold the yoga mat but I find everything fits in better not using them. For the price, it is excellent value.

Tracey Australia August 6, 2021

Love it

It’s holds my blocks, two blankets and a jade mat in the large compartment and could probably fit more if I needed it too. The smaller pockets are great to pop keys in or whatever knick knacks you need to. I’m so glad I found this!

RM August 4, 2021

Massive space in bag

Fits bolster, mat, blocks and blanket, but lacks structure. However the flexible bag allows for in teased contouring around multiple objects for yoga practice including bolster, blocks, blanket and mat. Plus room for more like keys phone and water bottle. Durable material.

MA July 20, 2021

Finally found the yoga bag to fit my yoga stuff!

This yoga bag is perfect to fit my bolster, blocks and the other stuff that I carry twice a week to my yoga class. So far it seems sturdy and workable. Thank you, JoYnWell!

stcroix2 July 18, 2021

Perfect!! Everything I need all in one spot!!

This bag is so enormous!! My bolster fit with enough room for 2 blankets, 2 blocks, my strap is in one of the pockets! There is a pocket for a water bottle! I’m very impressed! The fabric looks durable but it is not heavy at least not until I added the bolster lol

Jacque Martinez July 11, 2021

Look no further-

I LOVE this bag!!!!! I can fit all my props in it, plus the extra pockets are amazing for extra accessories. I’m getting yoga certified online so it’s nice to keep my computer charging cable in! Don’t mess around with any other bag- this one is comfortable, durable, and I love the color!

A July 4, 2021

Fantastic bag! Worth every penny!

Fits my bolster, yoga mat, strap, blanket and 2 blocks! Zip it up and you're on your way! Comfy strap fits over shoulder and doesn't dig into your shoulder. So glad I bought this!

ms June 28, 2021

Love the bag, there is nothing to dislike about it and it really suits my needs. It has an amazing capacity so everything you need can fit in it

Brogie May 19, 2021

Great size, fits a lot

Nav Saint May 16, 2021

Deep bag

This bag is deep enough to carry a bolster, mat, block, and blankets.

Diane L May 9, 2021

Roomy, well-made, and durable. Ticked all the boxes when I was looking for an XL tote to hold my yoga and pilates equipment. Easy and comfortable to carry. So glad I passed on the smaller totes as all my equipment would have been squished and difficult to grab in the bag. Thrilled with this purchase and highly recommend this fantastic tote!

Playroom_curator April 16, 2021

Quite satisfied. No dislikes. Product was what I expected.j

Jan Marie. April 7, 2021

Yoga instructor approved!!

I have been looking for a while for a bag that would fit everything I need to teach on a regular basis - my mat, two blocks, towel, strap, and a bolster. This bag definitely has it room for it all without feeling like massive hockey bag that you can carry a body in! The side pockets (1 large, 2 small) are easy to access even when carrying the bag. The straps are thick and comfortable on my shoulder, and they don't constantly fall or slip. The canvas material is nice and thick, I know this bag will last all my running around and being tossed about without ripping. The only down side to this bag is that when it is unzipped it does lack structure. But that also makes it really easy to just throw your stuff into the bag without having to play tetris for it all to fit. I absolutely love the bag, so glad to have found it!

Ocean For Sharks April 6, 2021

Holds so much...

This bag easily holds a mat, 2 blocks, a blanket, water bottle, and your personal items (wallet, keys, etc.). As a teacher, I love it!

Amy D. April 1, 2021

Holds all props needed for yoga.

Thin but sturdy canvas material. Easy to carry everything I need for yoga class including mini bolster, blocks, straps, mat, water. Plus I have extra room for a change of clothes. Comfortable to carry without feeling heavy. I like that is has a zipper to close up since it is so large & has no support to keep its shape.

Lydia March 22, 2021


Looks hand made & pretty

rosa Yang March 20, 2021

Good gym bag

Holds everything I need for the gym. And it’s light. Love it!

Dina March 15, 2021

Love my bag and it fits all my yoga gear including mat, large bolster, 2x cork blocks, strap and blanket.

Joanne Lyons March 14, 2021

Loads of room

I am in yoga teacher training and bag accommodates mat, block, strap, water bottle, 3" 3-ring binder, soft-sided lunch bag, iPad, journal, and assorted small items such as pen, glasses, etc in the 3 pockets. Definitely will be after II am certified to carry a change of clothes once I remove school suppllies.

Maria Peters March 13, 2021

The perfect size

I like that the bag is big enough to hold all of my yoga equipment. The zippered pockets on the sides are also very helpful. I really like the Velcro holders that hold my mat. Very pleased with my purchase

Jane J. March 4, 2021

I like it so much for its large size holding lots of anything I am using it for and it is light weight and machine washable.

Nancy March 1, 2021

I absolutely love this yoga bag. It’s well constructed and made from a lightweight but durable fabric which can be easily cleaned if it becomes soiled. Apart from its size, which easily holds all my ‘yoga swag’ (mat, bolster, towel ,block, water bottle) I appreciate the additional features of an inside pocket to securely hold my water bottle and the zippered closings and side pockets. One is large enough to hold my eye meditation pillow and strap and my cell phone and keys are easily accommodated in the other two zippered pockets. This yoga bag is extremely good value for the price and I would easily recommend its purchase to any future buyer.

D'Arcy Murray February 24, 2021

I do like that it fits everything I need for yoga and there is plenty of space fore more. The material is soft to the touch and not stiff. It's sturdy and well made. That being said, it is indeed huge. I still don't know how I feel about how big it is but I included several pics since I didn't see much when I was reading reviews before buying.

O.M. February 23, 2021


A bag big enough for a thick mat, blocks, sandbag, straps, water bottle, blanket, and there’s still room! And it’s cute! I’m so happy with this bag.

Aspen G. February 6, 2021


Beyond expectations, beautiful, and sturdy, holds my Pilates mat which is huge, plus more, without being bulky, Love this bag, will by more, for other totes, it’s amazing!!

Crystal N. February 2, 2021

Oh. My. Gosh. Way better than I expected!

This bag was a pleasant surprise! It is made of a sturdy canvas and is thicker than I expected, although it does fold up into a nice, tidy square for packing away, which is great. The design works well to hold my thick yoga mat, a block, strap, etc., with plenty of room for more. I also really like the zipper pockets for keys, I.D., etc., and the straps and design make it easy to carry. Highly recommended!

Kerry Mac January 30, 2021

Great for two yoga mats, lots of pockets

Purchased this to be able to store two yoga mats in the car. The fact it can close and protect the mats from dirt in the car is ideal. There are multiple pockets and it is very practical for carrying extra items like yoga socks, drinks or snacks, facial tissues, etc. The size of the bag allows for even more than the two yoga mats to fit in the bag. It can hold shoes and a change of clothes, for example.The fabric of the bag is lightweight and sturdy. It is comfortable to carry over the shoulder.

Practice makes perfect January 24, 2021

Everything fits

I need a bag large enough for two blocks, mat, long slim bolster, blanket, water bottle and personal items. It all fits!

Marcia Morris January 23, 2021

Good size

Finally!! A yoga bag that is big enough! Nice quality bag. Thank you!

Laurie Aikins January 19, 2021

Huge, soft, great colors, no weird odor

Finally a bag with no lingering material or manufacturing smell! GIANT, holds mat, water bottle (love that it holds it standing and easy to grab without unzipping) two blocks, two towels, strap and tons of room to spare. Three nicely placed outside pockets with nice hardware. I don't find too cumbersome in carrying at all. My large phone fits perfect in smaller exterior pocket. Only potential weak spot may be where the water bottle holder is stitched, looks fine but with lots of use will be a good test of fabric strength. Fabric seems well stitched though, soft to the touch and not too much weight added. Neutral true to picture colors. Wanted purple but it was not available so went with khaki and quite pleased with shade of green. It is a slouchy style so if that bothers you may want to go a different direction. At a great price point too!

J January 18, 2021

Lightweight and fun and functional

This is great for taking my bolster and yoga mat to Restore classes. There are many large pockets. I love the earth tone colors

Judy December 27, 2020

I love this bag! It fits everything a yogi could want to transport and still zips closed: a bolster, mat, blanket, two blocks and a strap. Love that it has a shoulder strap for easy carrying, also. Due to covid, yogis are carrying their own props to classes now and this is a perfect solution. Great for yogis in teacher training and yoga professionals who have to cart around all of their own props, as well. Thank you!

Jeni Martinez December 19, 2020

Llego súper rápido y es los suficientemente grande para que le quepan 2 cobijas, 2 bloques y el mat quedando todavía bastante espacio. Me encantó!!!

Erika Perez December 14, 2020

Perfect for all your gear

I love this bag! With COVID studios now require you to bring your own props. I easily fit two 4” blocks a full size 4mm yoga mat, a small bolster and strap. Still plenty of room for more. Plenty of pockets with zippers on the outside for your smaller items like keys. Inside there is a special pocket for water bottle. A top zipper can be left open it you need to overstuff but I like having the choice to zip or not. Two wide straps make the load easy and comfortable to carry. I purchased the Khaki and very happy. Not too feminine or manly either; a perfect in between. In fact my college son saw me with the bag and was admiring it and how much it holds. Bag is very versatile and you can’t go wrong with this purchase.

It'sAllYoga December 8, 2020

A good large bag

Like it a lot. It fits all my yoga props and mat. Bag is washable which is damn good.

Kusuma Prasanna December 7, 2020

Great purchase! Big enough for my mat, bolster, blanket, strap, water, books and more!

Stephanie Ralph December 2, 2020

This article is worth every penny. Great quality and exactly as advertised. Love it

Jen Macintosh December 1, 2020

Nice and roomy

Fits my double mat and two blocks. Hurray!

Grandma September 11, 2020

convenience - everything in one place

Going to Yoga class - outside pocket for ID - DRIVER'S LICENSE ETC.

FRAN Q.R. August 13, 2020

lightweight and good quality

Lightweight and good quality.

NanaHudie August 10, 2020

Good size fits all my yoga gear in it

Sandra morris August 8, 2020

Yoga bag

Great bag. Perfect size for round yoga mat

Sally Lindsey August 4, 2020

My wife loves this. Taking her own gear to yoga classes just became lot easier.

martin coates August 3, 2020

Super big

It's very big and I can get 4 blocks, 2 blankets, strap, and one mate, and still have room for my keys, wallet, and water bottle. The material is super thin, but so far the zipper and straps have stayed intact with no issues. Everyone asks about the bag....I am very happy with it

sonja July 22, 2020

Very roomy

I carry a lot of yoga equipment. This is perfect

Linda Jeffries July 18, 2020

Holds my props

Put balnkets, blocks and strap in the bag - carry the mat on the outside between the straps. Good quality, makes carting my yoga props to classes a lot easier.

Dianne M Herting July 17, 2020

The Perfect Yoga Bag!

I have bought and tried out many yoga bags, and this one is the only one that fits all my needs. I want a bag to hold my mat, 2 blocks, a yoga blanket, my water bottle and has a separate space for my phone and keys. This provides all that, with plenty of room to spare. It fits so comfortably over my shoulder. It has convenient straps on the bottom of the bag that holds your mat in place. Every class, I get compliments on my bag and asked where I bought it.

Jennifer July 11, 2020

Lots of room.

Shazza July 9, 2020

Great Bag!

Love this bag. Easy to toss everything into and go. Fits my mat, two blocks, extra large beach towel and change of clothes with room to spare. I like the neutral colors, eco friendly and that it is made with love in Australia!

SMV July 4, 2020

Great purchase

I love the size & when your using your yoga mat it folds up great to fit in a small space.

Erin Leaumont June 18, 2020

Fantástico as Expected !

Cliente Amazon May 29, 2020

Fits all I need for yoga workouts not having to have 2 different bags.

My second bag . First one didn’t fit everything I need. This one is perfect. As pictured I have my mat ( average size), 2 blocks (9x4x 6 ), 8 ft strap, back roller ( medium size) video player in hard case (7.5 ) and a under amour water bottle. Still has Plenty of room to put in my yoga towel, sun screen, phone . I still have the outside pockets that I didn’t use. Great bag!! I didn’t review sturdiness and durability since I have not had time to take it anywhere. But the stitching looks good.

Stephanie Cherry May 13, 2020

Great looking bag, with ample room for my mat, bolster, blocks, towel etc. Great quality too! Finally a bag strong enough for me to take my yoga gear to my classes without needing 10 pairs of arms to carry everything. I can't believe I didn't invest in one sooner!!

Heidi March 30, 2020

It has it all.

Fits everything including mat and blocks. Carrier for water bottle and pockets for strap and eye pillow.

simba March 8, 2020


Great size but threading was coming undone. It doesn’t feel strong enough to support all the gear, especially heavy yoga mat.

SEL March 1, 2020

Sturdy and roomy

Very large and lightweight. Sturdy and let's me carry everything I need. Would love to see different colors.

Kindle Customer February 26, 2020

Easy to carry and holds all your yoga equipment

Great for oversized yoga mat, extra thick blanket and a few blocks- holds it all!

LVF February 13, 2020

Very nice bag !


Jay B. February 10, 2020

Good bag, holds my bolster, mat and two blocks.

I would have given this 5 stars all around but some of the stitching has torn on one side... not bad and I can fix, but I was bummed.

Kim Myette January 22, 2020


Great quality. Nice zipper many pockets lots of room for everything you will need for yoga.

Lori M. January 19, 2020

arrived as promised

comfortable, lots of space for extras like towels etc

giladm January 19, 2020

Not beautiful but so functional!

It is ugly but does what it is supposed to...holds all my yoga stuff and that is a lot!

NAW January 17, 2020

3-4 yoga mats

Fits 3 yoga mats great. 4 yoga mats a little snug

Kevin Denzel January 16, 2020

Roomy carryall

Love the diversity of this yoga mat carrier. I can get all kinds of stuff 8n here. Lightweight but made well.

SkyeRain January 7, 2020


This bag is absolutely freaking huge! It’s great though because I have a giant fancy yoga mat that is too huge and heavy when rolled up to fit in anything, but it fits in here! There’s tons of room inside for straps, blocks, etc.

Takkybug January 7, 2020

Great Yoga Bag

I love this bag. It’s lightweight and holds my yoga mat , block and water in the main compartment with plenty of room left. The pockets outside hold all my other stuff . Would definitely recommend.

Beth Borgelt December 27, 2019

Great large yoga bag

Large, well constructed yoga bag.

Robyn December 23, 2019

Recommended - minor drawback

Okay - so I love that this bag is HUGE! I bought it about 3 weeks ago & have used it enough now that I can give a solid review. This bag fits my Manduka Pro mat with plenty of room left over. I love the Velcro straps to secure the mat in the bag. I love the water bottle holder/pocket inside the bag. I love the 3 zipper pockets on the outside (2 smaller, 1 large). I love the thick straps and that they seem to be very securely attached to the rest of the bag. I’m able to fit my mat, 2 pairs of shoes, couple changes of clothes, water bottle, and my lunch bag - all without feeling like a pack mule! Sounds like a 5 star review, right? Alas, I’m only at a 4 and here’s why: I love the material of the bag but there is no structure to the bag. Zip it open & it pulls open like a cheap hooker (lol). My mat gets secured inside but everything else just kinda gets piled around & on top. I try to keep the bottoms of my shoes away from my clothes but it just doesn’t work that way because there’s nothing to organize anything or hold stuff in place. Maybe if there were another pocket running along the inside of the bag that would be nice. The only other thing I didn’t like about this bag is just the lack of colors - it only comes in the gray. Sure, it’s fine but it’d be nice to offer it in different colors/patterns (go ahead, charge a little more for that!). Overall, though, would I recommend this bag? ABSOLUTELY.

Mick December 6, 2019

One size fits all

I love how functional and roomy it is!

Linda D. Merkerson November 25, 2019

Holds weights!!

It holds my weights and yoga mat! My keys fit in the pocket and there is room for everything! I mainly wanted something to carry 20 pounds of weights! It totally works!

Christel C. November 22, 2019

Roomy bag!

I love this bag! I was able to fit my mat, 2 blankets, 2 blocks, towel with room to spare. The strap is comfortable for carrying around.

Blizzard November 20, 2019

Very spacious!

Lots of space in this roomy bag for your yoga mat and much more. Would prefer a solid grey option.

Amy L. Marrinan November 18, 2019

Great zippered bag with TONS of room

I love that I can fit 2 5mm Lulu mats, 2 blocks and an outfit to practice in this bag and zip it closed!

Dena Daniel November 9, 2019

Great size!!

I love this bag! It carries my thick mat, 2 blocks, 2 half blocks for my wrists, strap and room to spare. It is very soft and it is just great! There are a few pockets which is great to put your wallet, keys etc in. I wish it came in different colors but in the end who cares.

sherry hill November 4, 2019

Does the job

The bag works well and my mom likes it.

Haleigh November 4, 2019

I was thinking to get a universal, extra-large and foldable bag for a quite long time. It is really hard to find good utility tote with the zipper all way long and now I'm so happy that I finally found one! We prefer to carry our own mats and exercise blocks so when we go to the gym with my partner I can fit both of our yoga mats in this bag, as well as spare clothes. This yoga mat bag has a large capacity, there's enough space to fit all my gym gear and accessories. The bag becomes flat once empty and can be easily folded. There are 3 zippered pockets outside on each side are very convenient to keep swipe cards, car keys, smartphone, and snacks. No pockets inside, other than a pocket for a water bottle, it is can be reached without unzipping the bag. I'm sure this bag will get a lot of use for camping trips to quickly pack-up a tent, inflatable mattress, clothes, shoes, sleeping mattress and to make sure it won't get lost in the boot of a car. I think it's a must-have duffle bag that can be used for pretty much anything from laundry to overnight sleepover stuff.

Roy November 1, 2019

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